An Essay On Achievement – I

Be hopeful - Be an achiever.
Be hopeful – Be an achiever.

I have often been called an under-achiever by people who think they know me well but actually do not. This is mainly because I took quite some time before I could find a job, as I was slow to figure out ways to achieve what I wanted. Even after I landed a job, I had a lingering feeling of dissatisfaction because I felt that I wasn’t using my full potential to re-shape the society that I am a part of. I felt young, naive and inexperienced, so much so that I started feeling depressed. Then I enrolled for a B.Ed course in 2012 and that was when my life first started to turn around. First of all, I realized what I truly wanted to contribute to the society. I also figured out how to do the same. I associated with a lot of people in the form of teachers, fellow-students and still later, students, each of whom had different personalities, views, strengths and weakness. By observing them at work and during leisure, I gained a lot of valuable insight regarding people and how to connect with them. Before I enrolled for this course, I used to be an introvert, my pen being my only way of expressing my feelings. During this course, I discovered that I could connect even better with people by speaking my feelings out loud and by listening to what others had to say. I still love to write and I do write often, but now I can listen and speak more as well. I learnt how to build a rapport with persons who are older or even younger than me, how to listen and help them with their problems and how to share in their happiness and sorrow. Finally, when I re-started my career as a teacher, I realized that I wanted to do more than just teach – I wanted to spread hope and to help students figure out what they wanted from life. I also wanted to contribute to providing the future generations an error-free, quality education. That is why I wanted work directly with books as an editor – it gave me the required opportunity to minimize errors and to produce quality books for students at all levels, irrespective of whether they lived in urban or rural areas. I am glad that my current job helps me to reach out to more children at a time than I could ever have reached as a teacher, even after teaching for years at a sub-urban school. Thus, though I started out late, I have made a steady progress and what I have achieved till now is only the beginning. I aim to achieve much more in life and be a source of encouragement to other people and also to help them realize their dreams.

Realize your dreams; and hep others realize theirs.
Realize your dreams; and help others realize theirs.