The Leader In Me


I am a leader – not the world’s greatest nor the best, but each little step helps me progress a little more along the path of leadership. I have realized that leadership is not a state of being; it involves constant changes in life. Leadership is not an end in itself; it is only a means to a greater end, which in my case is – trying to make the world a better place to live and dream in. I do not have the kind of experience that someone needs in order to act as a leader in an official position as a project-head or in other such positions; but, what I do have is a rare gift – a richness of experience about life itself. I have experienced the variety in life. I have experienced the deepest distress, gone through the darkest phases of depression, I have loved and lost and broken my heart in the process. I have also met people, built rare connections with many of them, listened to them, observed them, shared in their joys and sorrows and even their deepest fears. By connecting with others, I have been able to confront my own fears. As I have experienced so much of life in so short a span of time, I believe that I am a natural leader – I can lead with my experience. It has always been my mission to help others and help them to live better. So I started with my own friends. They trust me with their deepest sorrows and secrets. In return, I listen patiently and try to help them find solutions to the problems plaguing them. It never pleases me more than to find a friend come up to me and acknowledge that something I said or did or experienced and shared has helped him or her to feel better. It is my principle to practise first and then preach, because many people can advise, but few can act on their own advice. A true leader is one who can act on his or her own advice and I try to improve myself each day in small ways to become a true leader. It is a hard task becoming a leader but it is harder to remain one for long, unless one strives to better oneself in every possible way. Perhaps my greatest achievement has been the task of being a mentor to my students, with whom I have connected well, and whom I have been able to help with their little problems. I have tried to be a pillar of strength for those who had needed my support more than others. I firmly believe that there will, one day, be quite a few people who will remember me as having been a worthy guide and friend.


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