I’ve been sitting on the stile

Waiting for you for a while

Now, watching the dusk deepen.

I watch the cattle being led

Homeward, and the tired birds

Return to their nests. And

I hope you haven’t forgotten,

Though there are greener pastures,

Warmer climes, deeper waters

Where you live, plus the

Myriad pleasures hidden.

I might watch in vain and

Watch the shadows lengthen

And the stars dim; yet hope

That you haven’t forgotten

Everything – the magic of a moment –

Amidst fairer flowers and lovelier

Dreams, newer reality, stranger scenes,

Dearer friends or other things;

While I’m stuck here waiting

Forever a prisoner in your dream.


I am the shadow

That lurks around corners,

Just out of reach,

Just beyond the range

Of your sight.

In broad daylight,

Amidst a busy, faceless crowd

Catch, you might,

A momentary glimpse

Of me flitting,

In and out

Of the crowd

Like a vision in

A spring-flavored dream,

Borne away by the milieu,

Tearfully moving on.

I am your shadow,

The one that fazes you –

Sometimes you scream

And hastily beat

A confounded retreat,

When you fall into my arms

Upon turning a dark corner.

Among the multitudes of

Noisy, well-lit streets

You won’t find me;

But in the darkest hour,

Lightless and silent,

Save for the pale glow

Of my candle and the wax

Dripping into the gloom below,

When all you grab is emptiness

And you are afraid of a fall,

I keep you company.




The blue sky bathed in sunlight

Makes me breathless with delight.

The singing birds, the swaying trees,

And whisper of the gentle breeze,

Joyful children crying aloud,

Flying colorful kites that glide around,

Are sights and sounds that fill me

With boundless peace and ecstasy.

I am and will be for ever

An ardent poet and nature lover.