Monsoon Beach

It’s the beginning of the week, and I’m at the beach, enjoying a few dreamy days, full of ¬†adventure, interspersed with a few lazy moments here and there, with my husband. We are spending this rare opportunity to be together, getting to know each other more, enjoying each other’s company without the daily hassle of cooking, cleaning, keeping house and so on, by going for long walks along the beach, bathing in the sea, taking pictures, trying out local delicacies, singing together as we walk and such other fun stuff. Of course, I’m not really a sea person, I’m more a fan of the hills; but then, sometimes, a little out-of-the-comfort zone experience is a welcome change, as it really starts meaning a lot more than it should. I’m a hills person, but as soon as I stepped out of the car that brought us to this wonderful beach resort, I saw the waves lapping at the beach, only a stone’s throw away from where we were standing, and I immediately had this feeling that we had chosen the right spot, the right resort for a stay, that there was nothing to regret and that all my misgivings regarding this trip had been unfounded. It’s great to be back on the beach, after a considerably long time, and we’re thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Last night, we actually watched the sea come creeping to our cottage door, accompanied by the rush of noise and high wind, and at dawn, when I looked out the window again to see if the sea was still our guest, I found it had retreated sometime during the night, lapping away at the shore again, like a fretting child. We spent the evening walking and collecting shells and laughing madly, like the gulls here.

This post wouldn’t be complete without a few photos, so here they are, right below. Will post more after we click them. Stay tuned! ūüėČ

Gloomy Sunday

Sunday is gloomy? –

Oh! I don’t think so.

You must be driven by notoriety

To be so brimful of woe!

Sunday is gloomy! –

I certainly don’t think so ;

The day’s bright and beautiful,

Even without Antonio.

Sunday is gloomy? –

How can it be so?

White flowers, black coaches –

Naught can steep Sunday in sorrow.

Seress, Javor said Sunday’s gloomy –

It would be so much more so,

Were I to pass away abruptly,

Leaving behind darling Antonio.

Oh! Gloomy, gloomy Sunday!

You’re weirdly lethal, you know?

So many have killed themselves

Distressed by your woe.

Oh! Gloomy, gloomy Sunday!

What would the lost souls say,

Were we to celebrate Life

With prayers and candles today?


* This poem is inspired by the song, ‘Gloomy Sunday’, more popularly known as the Hungarian suicide song, which is notorious for causing the deaths of more than a hundred people, including its composers – ¬†Rezso Seress and Laszlo Javor, due to its extremely morbid and depressing nature. I’ve personally listened to three different versions of this song, one of them being the Hungarian original and another being the one sung by Sarah McLachlan, besides a third by an unnamed artist; and I found the song very beautiful, though the lyrics are certainly morbid. Of course, I took the precaution of listening to it while I ¬†was at my happiest, since I know from experience that morbid songs coupled with a morbid state of mind is the absolute recipe for disaster. So, if you’re planning to listen to the song, please do so AFTER taking the appropriate precautions. Here are the links for all three versions that I listened to (others are available on YouTube) ¬†:





It’s a beautiful day.

Clouds sail to and fro

Across a sunlit sky.

An occasional light shower

Reminds me of spring,

At the crossroads where

Newborn monsoon meets late summer.

It’s a beautiful day ;

But, with you so far away,

I hardly enjoy it, heedless of

Whether it’s late June or mid-May.

The roads and the trees seem to drown

In the sky’s glistening tears

And the half-hearted sunlight.

It’s a beautiful day ;

Yet, I find no delight

In watching the birds fly home

Across the fading daylight.

I wait for your call, all day,

As I prepare myself

To hang onto every word you say.

It’s a beautiful day ;

But, it grows more beautiful still,

Whenever I imagine you smile

On hearing my delighted squeal.

Words can’t describe how I feel,

On this beautiful day,

When you are so far away.