About Fortune Cookies


I always feel excited whenever I can lay my hands on a fortune cookie. The cookies taste great, but my real interest lies in the tiny piece of paper inside it. Each tiny piece of paper feels like a precious discovery. In fact, at this very moment, I’m staring at one that says, “They say love is blind. How can it not be so when someone as dazzling as you are in front of me right now?” I’ll be lying if I say that it has lifted my spirits; because, it has actually done much more than that – it has made me feel ecstatic. Right now, I feel like a princess who owns the whole universe, and this is a precious feeling that one can feel only on rare occasions. So, I never fail to make the most of such occasions. I can’t say that I remember most of what these tiny scraps of paper have to say, except for the fact that they help my spirit soar every time, without fail. However, I do remember some of the rarest lines. For example, one tiny scrap of paper once said, “You are the tune that completes my song and lends meaning to it.” Another time, I got one that said, “You are the song in my every step…”. It’s a pity that I can’t remember the rest of it. What I do remember is the spirit of romance that takes possession of my soul on these rare occasions. Bad things happen to everyone, almost every day; but lightness of spirit is a rare blessing and should be made the most of. My heart and shoulders feel way lighter when I come across one of these messages scribbled across a piece of paper and hidden inside a cookie or wrapped around one. In these busy times, when people hardly find time to connect with their own families, when the idea of socializing has been reduced to sending messages over Whatsapp or posting bits of personal stuff on Facebook or other social networking sites, it feels absolutely great when I chance upon a good thought, no matter how small it is, from someone I don’t know, somebody who doesn’t know me, in the form of these scribbles hidden inside cookies. It makes me feel as if there might still be a ray of hope for humanity. It makes me want to believe that there is still some shred of goodness left in us. Most importantly, they make me feel very happy, as every time I grab a cookie, I relive the many fights I used to have with my kid brother, over fortune cookies, until what seems like only yesterday. Growing is a part of life and I’ve always welcomed and looked forward to it, but the one thing I regret about being a grown-up is the loss of innocence. Making a grab for a fortune cookie reminds me of that period of innocent joyfulness, that has been lost for ever, but the memory of which is potent enough to still make me feel happy every time, even when I’m in the blackest humour on the worst of days.