She sits on the ledge
Staring out of the window
Into the nothingness beyond.
The moonlit darkness stretches
Within and without,
Like the enveloping arms
Of a comforting friend.
There is no sound,
No sign of life, save the
Murmur of the trees outside,
While the whispering wind
Serenades the moonlit night.
Sometimes Rain, the mischief-monger
Laughingly falls upon her
Pell-mell, wetting her,
Tormenting her, flooding her
With memories of what was
But could never be again. Yet,
He tempts her to hope and dream,
Until she is roused by pain.


Burning Desire Waves

The moments crawl past

As darkness digs its claws in deeper;

Yet, I cannot slumber-

I’m enervated, tempted,

Tormented by desire.

I close my eyes to shut all out,

But find your face

Smiling coyly up at me;

The twinkle in your star-like eyes

Simply steal my breath, trust me!

I pass my fingers lightly over

The slightly disheveled bed-cover,

While the brown softness of your skin

Is what my fingers truly desire.

The smokey kohl in your love-lit eyes,

Those trembling lips under my fingers,

Your perfect dimples and raven curls-

Are enough to set my heart on fire.



I’ve wanted to be with you

Ever since, ever since…

You ask, “Ever since when?”

I struggle to find an answer

And for a long time I wonder,

Was it since for ever

Or was it only since June?

I try hard to please you

But feel like a song out of tune.

I’ve wanted to hold you

Ever since, ever since…

And you ask again,

“Ever since when?”

Was it since I first saw you

Or was it since last April?

I try to tell you how I feel-

Yet, I act like a shy daffodil.

I can churn out words (in general)

Like artillery fire; 

But when you question me,

I feel so lost in desire-

As if I were stuck in a mire.

Some feelings are best left

Unexpressed; better still,

Just discern them, if you will.


Don’t know how long

I’ve been waiting

For you. I remember

Several occasions

When my need was

Stronger than ever;

But especially, I

Remember one July

Afternoon, wet and cold,

When I, a gawky kid,

Fifteen years old,

Turned homeward,

Deliberately forgetting

Raincoat and umbrella,

Just to enjoy the rain.

I left school,

Soaked through,

And into the rain

I walked, searching

High and low, for you.

Oh, but, where were you?

I braved the storm;

Cascades of water, too,

That blurred my vision;

Even waded upstream

Through waist-high water

That transformed

Roads into rivers.

Oblivious of open drains

Or gaping manholes,

I pursued my way,

Expecting, at every turn,

Your strong arms

Or your warm bosom-

Oh where were you, then?

And how old?-

Sixteen, I should guess.

I miss you, now,

As I missed you, when

I was gawky and fifteen,

Frightened and wet!

Yet I love you, if

For no other reason,

But that I survived

Three heart-breaks and

Now, you’re heart-broken.


Please, try a little harder,

Try a little more-

To care for the Other,

To love like never before.

Try a little harder,

Pray, try a little more;

And I can promise that

Love will open newer doors.

Just try a little more, darling,

And try to care deeper;

And you’ll find this world of ours

Is a world without borders.

Try a little harder, please,

Now, won’t you, sweetie?

My heart’s an open book, my love,

Filled with beautiful reality.

Just try; and I’ll ask no more

Than for you to walk in

Through my humble door.

I’d ask you to sit down

And may be watch some golf;

Or share some senseless chit chat

O’er priceless mugs of coffee.

I might ask you to make love even

And never yell, “Back off!”

I’d find a million excuses

For us to be together;

All I want is you, my love,

In this world or the other.




January twenty-sixteen –

And we’re busy preparing

For another Republic Day.

Tiny tricolors hang,

Jubilant, from glittering

Strings that have been

Stretched taut from pillars

To posts or even the bare

Skeletons of trees that shiver

Along the wintry road.

Festoons flutter madly

In the cut-throat wind.

Amid loud song and music

We’re quite satisfied

To join our voices in

An unanimous roar of

Raucous celebration that

Nearly hides our dismay,

While dirty politics, crime,

Dishonesty and terrorism

Still hold sway.

It’s yet another Republic Day.





Tip-tap the mist

Sheds droplets

Wetting the streets

And the trees outside.

A cold wind blows

Hard, rocking trees and

Buildings to their bases.

An occasional car-horn

Blares through the night,

Calling out to its fellows

Across the dark distance.

Alone in the house,

I hear the squeaking of

Mice among the rafters

And the pitter-patter

Of tiny, busy feet.

A door creaks somewhere,

Moved by the wind.

Amidst all this,

I listen, rapt,

For the sound

Of your footsteps

Walking across the garden

And in at the door. Then

Mounting the stairs

And into the room

Where I sit, waiting,

Finally coming to a halt

Right behind me.



Another year has drifted by

Like a leaf from the tree of life,

Carrying away failure and grief,

Disappointment, loss and strife;

Paving the way for memories

Of happy hours and relationships,

Teaching a lesson here and there,

Making way for another year.

Yet another comes rushing in

Amid tears of joy and cheering,

Etching a smile on tired faces,

Wiping away grief in traces;

Another year to bask in the sun,

Another chance to love everyone,

Opportunities to right past wrongs,

Write newer stories and wilder songs;

Search for second chances to regain

Whatever we let go down the drain;

Keep looking for a greener pasture-

That’s the joyous beauty of new year.


The blue sky bathed in sunlight

Makes me breathless with delight.

The singing birds, the swaying trees,

And whisper of the gentle breeze,

Joyful children crying aloud,

Flying colorful kites that glide around,

Are sights and sounds that fill me

With boundless peace and ecstasy.

I am and will be for ever

An ardent poet and nature lover.