Boom! Boom! The sound of guns

Shatter the midnight silence

Boom! Boom! Comes the marauding

Call of shameless violence.

Boom! Boom! The sound falls flat

On the shattered bodies lying

Boom! Boom! The valleys echo

As dawn steals in before time.

Boom! Boom! “They’re at it again” –

The hills whisper to each other;

Boom! Boom! And frightened children

Crawl closer to their mothers.

Boom! Boom! The shells should’ve pierced

The traitor’s heartless breast –

Boom! Boom! And so many sons

Of India, yet again, laid to rest.

Boom! Boom! And we realise –

Peace is a passing dream;

Boom! Boom! They prove again

That violence is mainstream.

Boom! Boom! The crossfire continues

As empty shells hit the ground;

Boom! Boom! Amid blood and fire

Soldiers fall without a sound.

Boom! Boom! The borders cry,

“Has terrorism no end?

Boom! Boom! How many more innocents

Need we, to their deaths, send?”